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June 28, 2017

Over the past few days we caught up with fashion blogger, Katerina Jane. We instantly fell in love with her vintage and bohemian styling. Katerina shared some tips with us on how to shoot the perfect photo and also what fashion essentials she needs when she's on the go...

Katerina Jane

When did you first start blogging?

I started putting all my efforts into blogging in late 2015 after I finished college, but I fully went for it last year, as gradually I've found my vibe and drive to pursue it. The passion's always been there, but you do doubt yourself in such a popular industry. 

Do you have any tips for the perfect photo?

I believe you can honestly use anything, whether it's an old camera, the highest quality one, even your iPhone for good photographs, just learning tricks with lighting and angles always pays off. Everyone's photographic style is different, what one may like another may not, but the more you play around, the better you'll get! 

How do you edit your photos?

I think you'd expect me to use Lightbox or photoshop to edit, considering I photograph with my Canon 80D, but I actually use an app on my phone called ! For both social media posts & blog posts!

Katerina Jane

If you could choose anything to wear as a brooch what would it be?

Either a rose or a female figure/silhouette.

How do you keep your content so fresh?

I don't like to admit it, but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so a lot of the time I'm over-thinking everything I've shot and written! Reviewing my blog now and then, as well as getting inspiration from Instagram helps too.

Katerina Jane

What are your top three fashion essentials when you're on the go?

I would say a bodysuit because they're so easy to pair with anything and aren't too fidgety, which is perfect when your here there and everywhere, a practical bag and heeled boots. 

What do you look for when purchasing jewellery?

I tend to keep an eye out for simplicity in designs that can be worn all the time, normally in gold, or more antique styled jewellery, that has a precious stone or inscription on it. 

Katerina Jane

Snapchat or Instagram?

Naturally I'm going to say Instagram, but I mean who can resist having a laugh over those Snapchat filters!

Where would we find you when you're not busy blogging?

Out in the woods on a nice walk with friends, or browsing second hand stores for vintage finds and books.

What's on your agenda for the summer?

I'm heading home to Poland for a part of it which I am so excited for! When I'm back here there's going to be lots of days at the lake and beaches, bbq's with friends, anything and everything I can squeeze in to make the most of summer!

Katerina Jane

You can find Katerina on Twitter, Instagram and on her website.

"You've got hurricanes inside of you, storms calm on your command"

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