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November 24, 2016

We love bloggers here at Goldlust LDN, so we thought we'd share with you two of our favourite bloggin' babes for this week.


Charlotte Hole fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger

Charlotte Hole is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in London. Having featured in magazines such as Look, Company and MORE!Charlotte is well on her way to becoming a leading blogger. Working with brands such as MotelRocks and PrimarkCharlottes' style features a range of different patterned garments and colour explosions. This is something we lust for. 

You can follow Charlotte on Instagram and Twitter. You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel here.


Ally in Blunderland

Ally is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She's featured in magazines such as Cliché and Nerve, which have led her to gain a large amount of social media coverage. Having worked with big-named brands such as Dorothy Perkins and Primark. Her vibrant and unique hair colour is something we love here at Goldlust LDN. Ally's styling choices feature a large amount of monochrome colours which adds a flair of elegance to her wardrobe choices.

You can follow Ally on Instagram and Twitter. You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

'hitting that sweet spot...'

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