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July 11, 2017

We recently caught up with girl gang, Confetti Crowd. Made up of four very colourful creatives; Tigerlilly, Lulutrixabelle, Heidi Petite and Helibells. Considering each of them have their own businesses or careers we're amazed how they find the time to continue empowering women all over the world. Thankfully they had space in their busy schedules to share with us their role models and what a day in the life of Confetti Crowd looks like..

Confetti Crowd

"We’d love to know how Confetti Crowd first came about.”

It was Heidi's idea to create an all-girl collective of bloggers and creatives, around two years ago. What started off as just a group of bloggers collaborating with brands, has turned into our full-time job of empowering women, supporting girls worldwide through charity work, and each launching our own businesses. 

"What motivates you on a daily basis?”

Seeing fellow Girl Bosses killing it in their careers. Each Confetti has their own talents and runs their own business so it's amazing to see not only ourselves, but other girls we follow, do well in life! It makes us want to work harder and prove that girls can succeed no matter what.

Confetti Crowd

"Aside from being super colourful, how would you describe your style?”

We love to spread happiness with our outfits, so I guess you could say our style is full of positive energy, good vibes and girl power!

"If you were to design a brooch that best described you, what would it be?"

It would have to be a rainbow! A rainbow sums us up because it symbolises equality, love and happiness.

Confetti Crowd

"Who are your biggest role models and why?”

Lulu - I couldn't choose just one role model but people who inspire me most are my Confetti's. They gave me the kick up the ass I needed to get my business rolling!

Heidi - Helibells is my idol! She's a strong & sassy business woman.

Heli - Baddie Winkle is my idol because she inspires girls and women of all ages to not give AF about ageing or caring about what anyone else thinks. Plus she has the most amazing wardrobe!

Tiger - My mum! Shes such an incredible woman, always reminding me to stay positive and always have such a happy and fun outlook on life. And to not take myself too seriously. She has shaped me into the person I am today!

Confetti Crowd

"We’d love to hear about any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re working on?"

We are forever collaborating with brands! We recently launched a design collaboration with No Basic Bombshell where we designed 4 pairs of earrings to benefit one of our favourite women's charities, Malala Fund. A percentage of all sales goes to this amazing charity to help girls worldwide get a full 12 years of quality education.

We are also working with CAT Footwear to create lots of festival content, Bestival on some exciting things and a few more projects we can't reveal just yet!

"What does a day in the life of Confetti Crowd look like?”

A day in the life of us isn't always as exciting as it may look on social media! We are always having meetings with brands and doing lots of behind the scenes work. But on a good day we'll be at a festival, shooting a campaign with a brand or meeting lots of our followers.

Confetti Crowd

"We love semi-precious stones and crystals, do you have any favourites?”

We love wearing colourful jewellery - anything in a rainbow of colours instantly draws our attention.

"If you could steal anyone's wardrobe who’s would it be?”

Our fave girls for style inspo right now are @TillyBaker, @BaddieWinkle & @blacmagic_woman

"Who should we be following on Instagram?"

@MagaVilhas - this girl is giving me constant hair and style inspo! She is just an incredibly cool person (and Brazillian which makes her even cooler.)

@blacmagic_woman is one of my favourites, because she's got such fabulous style and creates really pleasing visuals and glitter art. She also posts super funny and uplifting Insta stories!

Confetti Crowd

You can find Confetti Crowd on Instagram, Twitter and their website.

You can follow the girls on Instagram below:

Tigerlilly | Lulutrixabelle | Heidi Petite | Helibells

'I dream of you in colours that don't exist'

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