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December 22, 2016

Over the past week Goldlust LDN caught up with glitter brand, Shine Shack. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Posie and Hannah; Shine Shack fulfils all your glitter needs with their glitter mixes, makeovers and 'pixie tail' braids.
Shine Shack Posie and Hannah


“What motivates you on a daily basis?" 

We are on a mission to spread our sparkle far and wide. We believe happy people shine the brightest and the more you shine, the happier you are. We want to make people look and feel good, but this goes much further than glitter. 

We both love being creative and are lucky enough to now spend a lot of our time helping make sparkly things happen. Whether we’re developing new looks, working on photoshoots or doing private makeovers, we’re usually interacting with new, amazing and inspiring people…. and that makes getting out of bed so much easier!

The love and positive energy we’ve received has been incredible. All our friends, old and new, have been an amazing support and it’s definitely added a sparkle to our step!

  Shine Shack

What made you start ‘Shine Shack’?”

We've always loved glitter and all things that sparkle, and while the two of us were travelling through South America, we kept meeting people who appreciated the shine and trail of glitter we were leaving behind. As it got closer to the end of our trip, we began to think about our future and were determined not to fall back into the monotony of everyday life. 

Ever since we met 7 years ago, we’ve been more than best friends - we’re soul sisters and have always dreamed of creating something special together.  

People often talk about finding what you love and letting that guide you, so that’s exactly what we did. We genuinely love helping people look and feel great, and Shine Shack has helped us take that to a whole new level.


“What’s your favourite social media platform?”  

It would have to be Instagram. We find inspiration from so many places but Instagram means we can be that much more interactive with our community.


“You worked a lot of festivals over the summer, what was your favourite one?”  

Hospitality in the Park was the highlight of summer 2016 for us. 

It was Hospitality's first major festival and the line up featured all the biggest artists in drum and bass.  The sun shone brightly all day, as our Shine Shack Angels were busy offering glitter, embellishments and braiding to all the sparkly ravers! 

Sunshine, good music, positive vibes and a whole lot of glitter… what more do you need?!

Shine ShackShine Shack 

“Who should we be following on Instagram?”

We love the weird, wonderful and those that shine, so a few favourites would be @starchildtarot, @sarashakeel and @love.watts. Our friends over at @burntsoulclothing are always a sparkly source of inspiration too!


“If you could choose anything to wear as a brooch, what would it be?” 

 The Moon is as powerful as she is mysterious and we’re big believers in her healing abilities, so we’d probably go with that… unless we could have the Hybrid Mind’s logo #Hybs4Life 

Shine Shack Glitter Collection

“What does a day in your life look like?”

Breakfast is our second favourite thing in life (pretty sure you can guess our first). So nothing happens before tea, eggs and avocado on toast. 

Our mornings are then spent planning upcoming events, photoshoots and packing our hand-mixed glitter blends for delivery. After shipping customers’ orders, the afternoon is when we tend to get a bit more creative and work on developing new looks, content and glitter mixes.

We’re both proponents of a healthy mind, body and soul, so we try and head down to yoga a few times a week, cook vegetarian meals, and take the time to switch off when we can!


“What’s your favourite product that you have released so far?”  

We recently launched our sparkly 'Shine Bright' cat ears, which we collaborated on with Keep It Bright. We wanted our first accessory to be something that represented us and kept things playful, so they seemed the purrfect fit!

  Shine Shack Shine Bright EarsShine Shack Shine Bright Ears

“What do you look for when purchasing jewellery?” 

We are big believers in crystals and their mystical and magical powers. We’re also always excited to discover new brands and have loved supporting small businesses and creative people, long before we started Shine Shack.


“What is your favourite Christmas movie?" 

Home Alone, all the way! 


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'A wink and a smile and the world is ours'

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