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September 06, 2017

We recently caught up with fashion blogger Onyi Moss to talk style, jewellery preferences and what inspired her to write her E-Book, The Blogger Photographer.

Onyi Moss wears the Antler Heart Brooch in Sterling Silver

“Where do you think your passion for blogging comes from?”

I think my passion for blogging stems from my need to be creative. It's become an outlet for me to express myself when and how I want to. 

“How would you describe your style?"  

60% of the time I would describe my style as rock chic and the remaining, a mix of casual and boho. 

Fashion blogger Onyi Moss

"What inspired you to write your E-Book?”

This is a good question. Everything I know about photography, I taught myself. The journey was filled with sleepless nights and multiple attempts at perfecting my skills. After a while, I created a workflow which seemed to get the attention of my readers. I got a lot of emails asking the same questions - How do you edit your pictures? What camera do you shoot with? etc. After answering these questions over and over again in individual emails, I figured it was time to put together a comprehensive eBook that detailed my process as well as share some useful information I discovered along the way that could help new bloggers grow. 

“If you could chose anything to wear as a Brooch, what would it be?”

It'll be the Luna symbol. I have a thing for the moon. 

Fashion blogger Onyi Moss wears the Antler Heart Brooch in Sterling Silver

“What does a day in your life look like?”

My day usually starts off with meditation which pretty much sets the tone for the rest of my day. I then have breakfast, usually slightly burnt toast with a cuppa. Next on the list is emails. I always seem to be playing catch up with this. Whenever I think I'm a step closer to keeping on top of it, I find myself a few steps backwards, lol. I'm sure many bloggers can relate to this. Working on scheduled posts is a must as deadlines have to be met. At this point I tend to break for lunch. Homemade pasta with tomato sauce is usually my go to meal. I catch up on an episode of "Jane The Virgin" while I eat. Something about the show always puts me in a good mood. Depending on how inspired I feel, creating a short film on Instagram stories comes next. This takes some thought process. Putting together a mood board (in my head), and then filming and editing it takes another two hours. If I have unedited images from a shoot, I tend to catch up on these before heading back to tackle some more emails. It's time for tea and a roast dinner is always a good idea. Just before bed, I make a list of my key deliverables for the following day. Finally, I drift off to sleep while listening to meditation music. 

“What are you working on right now?”

I'm working on a few collaborations at the moment with a number of brands. I'm also working on creating more consistent style content on YouTube. 

Fashion Blogger Onyi Moss wears the Antler heart brooch in sterling silver

“Do you have a go-to outfit? And if so what is it?”

Yes. Ripped jeans and off the shoulder top paired with sneakers. 

“What do you look for when purchasing jewellery?”

For me, it has to be silver. And if it has a boho feel, I'm all in. 

Fashion Blogger Onyi Moss

“Who should we be following on Instagram?”

I love @collagevintage. She takes effortless pictures that makes you feel like you're a part of her lifestyle. She's amazing. 

“Top three songs on your summer playlist?”

Bambi by Jidenna, Francine by Esmé Patterson and Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni. 

Fashion Blogger Onyi Moss

Onyi Moss wears the Antler Heart Brooch in 925 Sterling Silver available here.

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