October 24, 2016

The first evidence of the brooch dates as far back as when they were handmade in the Bronze Age. 
It is likely that brooches ignited the jewellery industry with being the oldest type of jewellery recorded, however back then they were worn in a more practical sense in holding together the loin cloth. 
In the beginning brooches were made more practically from bone, shell, wood and stone. Over time they became a statement piece; manufactured using more precious and higher quality metals. 
For many years brooches have been an accessory worn to show wealth and status.
The brooch is arguably the most versatile of the jewellery family, it can be worn on belts, hats, shoulders, shirt fastenings, bags, skirts, shoes etc and for any occasion; casual or evening wear. 
Goldlust London reignites the wearability of the brooch by introducing materials and designs such as Rose Gold that are more wearable in todays fashion.
Goldlust Brooches are designed for the spirited and experimental in you.

Today many celebrities wear brooches to highlight their style. Check out Supermodel and Actress Cara Delevingne accessorising her outfit with brooches here.

'Well behaved women rarely made history'


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