Care Guide

‘MADE WITH LUST’ - Goldlust LDN Jewellery Care

Every piece of Jewellery from Goldlust LDN is made with great care, using premium materials. To help protect your new Jewellery, we have developed the following care guide:

Store your Jewellery individually to prevent scratching from other Jewellery. Each Jewellery piece comes in a Goldlust LDN pouch which can be used for individual storage.

Goldlust LDN Jewellery is coated in an anti-tarnish solution however, true Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish over time. To delay this from happening, avoid contact with agents such as salty air, sulphur, skin creams, household detergents and other chemicals. Take care when spraying perfume.

To clean, use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth regularly to maintain its shine. Warm soapy water can be used with a soft brush to remove dirt but never submerge your Jewellery in water. Store away from direct sunlight.

Sterling Silver

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Jewellery.

Most Jewellery pieces by Goldlust LDN are made using 925 Sterling Silver. Some styles are made from Sterling Silver plating - this will be highlighted in the description.

Rose Gold

We have different types of Rose Gold Jewellery, either Rose Gold plated in 9k, 16k and 18k over Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver with Rose Gold Plating in 9k, 16k and 18k. This will be highlighted in the Jewellery descriptions.

18K Gold

We have a collection of 18K Gold Jewellery which is plated over 925 Sterling Silver unless stated otherwise.

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Ring Size Chart
To determine your ring size, please use our ring chart below.
All our rings are sized between 5 and 9. 
Goldlust LDN Ring Size Chart