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Goldlust LDN Moon and Star Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Pair of Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver. One if the Moon and one is a Star. 

Celestial Jewellery. 

925 Sterling Silver Earrings 


Width: 2mm
Height: 6mm.


Width: 6mm
Height: 6mm.

Pure Silver and Anti Tarnish plated

Earrings are non-returnable. 

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The Celestial Jewellery, crescent moon and star symbolize light. These bright celestial bodies remind us that light is a continued presence – even in darkness. The moon is what keeps all of the stars grounded. In a sense, without the moon there would be no stars. Without the stars, the moon would not sine to its full potential. They are partners.

The Moon represents female nature because the lunar cycles are linked to the physiological cycles of women. It is also connected with mystery, magic and fantasy, its light wraps wound objects making them hidden and mysterious.  

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